Every dollar you donate helps Age Matters deliver programs to assist older Australians from becoming homeless, isolated or without purpose.

We acknowledge that ageing doesn’t always mean security, safety and quality of life and we are committed to help empower older people to feel more optimistic about their future.

Regular giving is a powerful way to help. By signing up to make a regular ongoing charity donation, you can provide certainty so we can continue to provide specialised support to the people that need it most.

  • Older women are the fastest growing group of homeless
  • Men aged 85+ have the highest rate of suicide
  • 20,000 older Australians sleep rough on any given night
  • 64% of these rough sleepers will die within five years
  • It could be your parents, or your grandparents

People we help can come from a variety of situations – from rough sleepers, to people sleeping in their cars to someone who is being evicted from their long term rental. Moving is a very overwhelming experience and anything we can do to help is greatly appreciated.

We receive some funding to deliver short term case management for older people at risk of homelessness, but this doesn’t cover some of the essential assistance we know that people need. For example, just $10 can help stock the pantry of someone who’s recently been housed.

$100 can help setup someone who’s been sleeping rough with linens, curtains and necessities for their new home.

$200 can help relocate someone in unsuitable housing into safe and appropriate housing that meets their needs.

We also regularly face the need for more appropriate and affordable housing stock.

If just ten people contribute $1 a day, we can provide appropriate, affordable long-term housing for a vulnerable older person. We are working with a variety of housing providers to consider offering rentals at below market rent. We assess prospective tenants and can provide wrap-around support to ensure long-term, favourable tenants. Donations can assist us to inspire property owners to consider older rentals, creating a win-win situation.

(365 * 10 = $3650) 25% below market rent

Donated funds can also be used towards specific programs that ensure vulnerable older people receive the wrap-around services they need to avoid becoming homeless in the first place. Linking isolated older people to their community increases their social capital and sustains relationships that nurture wellbeing. Some people wish to continue working and contributing and through our volunteering and mature workforce programs we can create opportunities for older people to experience empowerment and a sense of purpose.


By following the prompts through our web-page you can determine the amount you would like to donate and the frequency. Your credit card details are processed through the secure PayWay portal. You can cancel at any time by contacting us. You will receive an annual receipt at tax time to assist with your tax deductions. If you require a receipt at any other time you can contact us.

By signing up to our newsletter you will receive regular updates from the Age Matters Team so you can keep track of where your contribution is making a difference.

At this time, all donations to Age Matters are directed to where they are needed most. We pride ourselves on a dynamic and fluid response to need and we have demonstrated an ability to ensure that our services are delivered appropriately to address the needs of our clients. This person centred approach, along with our principles and guidelines, ensures better outcomes for individuals and our community as a whole.

If you would like to discuss sponsoring a particular initiative through a corporate partnership, please get in touch.

Your donation will be deducted at the interval of your choosing from the date of your first donation.

We rely on our regular givers so we can plan ahead and continue providing support to help people in crisis every minute of every day – we are determined to be there for the long haul. When you pledge to donate regularly, you enable us to: 

  • more effectively plan our upcoming programs, knowing that we have the funds ready to invest in long-term solutions and make a lasting impact for those in need.
  • ensure our staff and volunteers are able to continue to be there – every day – bringing help where it’s needed most across our region.
  • respond to people in crisis wherever it is most urgently required at the time.

You might also find that a smaller monthly donation can be less of a burden on your budget than a larger one-off gift.

To change any of your details, including updating your credit card or address, please email us with your name, phone number, supporter ID (if known), address and new details. You can also ask a member of the team to contact you by calling 134 478.

Your regular donation can be cancelled by emailing info@agematters.org.au. Please provide your full name, phone number, the email address you used to setup the regular donation and the date you would like the cancellation to take effect. Please allow two weeks processing time for your request.

If you have any more questions on regular giving or would like to talk to a member of our team about your regular donation please contact an Age Matters team member on 134 478 or email us at info@agematters.org.au. For security reasons, please do not include your credit card details in an email.


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