House and Home: Pathways and alternatives to residential aged care for older Australian women

21 June 2018

This study follows a large group of women as they age from their 70’s through their 80’s and looks at changes to their housing and living arrangements.

The research looks at how women’s housing corresponds to health and care needs, the care and support they receive, and whether and when they move into residential care. It uses data from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Women’s Health, linked to service use data. The study describes patterns of change in housing from when these women were 70-75, including whether they live in a house, apartment, village or supported accommodation and whether and when they move into residential aged care. The study findings include significant social circumstances associated with different housing patterns and care arrangements.


Prof Julie Byles, University of Newcastle

Co-investigators: Deirdre McLaughlin, Peta Forder, Deborah Loxton, Kha Vo, Cassie Currier, Tazeen Majeed

Project duration:15 months

Age Matters investment: $91,000

pdfFinal Report

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