Living Alone with Dementia

21 June 2018

Supporting people with dementia who live alone will become increasingly important requiring social policy and service delivery changes.

The growing number of people living alone, coupled with the increasing number of people with dementia, suggests that the number of people with dementia who live alone is set to rise. Yet there is often an underlying assumption in dementia and aged care policy of the presence and support of a co-resident carer which is reflected in the design and delivery of services.

This research highlighted the issues surrounding people with dementia who live alone. Key points were presented in a discussion paper aimed at influencing decision makers. A research to practice guide was also developed for service providers to support people living alone with dementia.

Kylie Miskovski, Alzheimer’s Australia NSW

Co-investigators: Brendan Moore

Project duration: 1 year

Age Matters investment: $15,000

pdfFinal report page 1599.42 KB

pdfFinal report page 2857.61 KB