IRT Macarthur’s flowerpot people delight passers by

27 September 2022

Kevin Hudson’s garden at IRT Macarthur is home to a whimsical collection of flowerpot people that have delighted neighbours and visitors for the past six years.

The garden includes 29 flowerpot people, all handmade by Kevin who has been a resident of the retirement village for 14 years. The flowerpot people featured in his garden are embracing life outdoors as they play on a swing, ride a motorbike and try their hand at fishing.

“Back when I started the garden (in 2017) I only had two plants in a small tray and no idea what type of plants they were,” Kevin says.

“I didn’t think it would become as big as it has,” Kevin explains, but he has been adding to it ever since.

During last year’s prolonged period of pandemic related ‘stay at home’ orders Kevin took the opportunity to give the garden area a complete makeover, which included adding new plants and five new features – all which he made by hand and even incorporate water and solar power.

One of the garden’s newest features – the water wheel – took a couple of months to put together.

“I just wanted the challenge of it,” he explains.

Kevin’s flowerpot people are made out of terracotta pots, which he paints and assembles. He’s also made a small fairy garden using cut tree stumps and trinkets.

While the garden is Kevin’s passion project he has the help of fellow IRT Macarthur residents Michael Bright and Kevin English when it comes to heavy lifting, weeding and watering.

“I do it because I can’t be idle,” Kevin explains.

“I don’t watch a lot of TV and I have a technical background. I try and be a bit creative. I have a small workshop in my garage.”

Kevin also likes to decorate the garden and dress up the ornaments and flowerpot people in the relevant festive theme. He is looking forward to soon decorating the garden for Halloween and then Christmas.


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