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Choose IRT to provide you with professional care with a personal touch.

Collage of photos showing life at an IRT aged care centre

What is residential aged care and how will I know when I need it?

A residential aged care centre provides you with professional and personal care in a purpose-built community where you feel safe and supported.

You might be ready for residential aged care if:


It’s recommended by your GP or other health care professionals


You’re frequently hospitalised to manage your health


You need more care than your carer can provide you with at home


You’re not happy living at home anymore or it’s not safe for you.

Our friendly customer service team can help you decide if residential aged care is right for you.

What aged care services does IRT provide?

We’re the experts in professional personalised aged care. We’ve got almost 50 years’ experience in all types of residential care:


General care

As an IRT resident you’ll be cared for 24/7 by highly trained staff, have a personalised care plan and enjoy nutritious meals, recreational activities and modern comfortable surroundings.

A women smiling at an elderly lady in a wheel chair
IRT carer smiling with elderly woman in retirement village

What is IRT's Journey of Care?

IRT’s Journey of Care is an innovative approach to residential aged care. It’s a new model of care that personalises the care experience for every resident. We recognise that every care journey is unique and honour the individual diversity of each resident.

Currently available at selected IRT aged care centres, the IRT Journey of Care incorporates two key elements; Neighbourhoods and Specialist Programs.

Find out more about our Specialist Programs:

What does residential aged care cost?

The cost of your residential aged care depends on the style of accommodation you choose and your individual financial circumstances.

There are four key costs:

  1. Basic daily fee
  2. Means-tested care fee
  3. Accommodation costs
  4. Extra and additional service fees.

The Government helps pay for residential aged care and accommodation for eligible people. You’ll be required to pay the basic daily fee and the additional service fees for optional extras, like a phone or internet connection.

We make it easy for you to understand your residential aged care costs.

Residential aged care costs explained

The Australian Government regulates and helps with the cost of receiving residential aged care services. This ensures that people who can afford to do so, contribute to the cost of their care and accommodation. It also provides a safety net for people on low fixed incomes, like pensioners.

Generally, there are four key residential aged care costs.

Basic daily fee

Capped at $51.21 per day from March 2019. Covers the cost of daily living, like meals and laundry. Applies to all residents.

The Department of Human Services will advise you of your basic daily fee after you’ve moved into an aged care centre.

Means-tested care fee

A means-tested contribution towards the cost of your aged care, assessed by the Department of Human Services.

Following the Income and Assets Test, they will advise you if you need to contribute and how much.

Accommodation costs

A means-tested contribution towards the cost of your accommodation, assessed by the Department of Human Services.

Following the Income and Assets Test, they will advise you if you need to contribute and how much.

Extra and additional service fees

Pays for extra and additional services you choose to receive from your provider.

We will explain our extra and additional service fees in writing.

Pricing options explained

We make contributing to the cost of your aged care accommodation easy with three payment options. Choose an upfront payment, daily ongoing payment or a combination of the two.
After you move in you’ll have 28 days to decide which payment option is right for you. It’s a good idea to get independent financial advice before you decide.

How do I get government funding support?

Getting assessed for government funding support is easy:


Phone My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 and arrange for an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) to visit you at home to assess your needs.


Talk to our friendly customer service team about costs by calling 134 478. They’ll help you request an Income and Assets Test with My Aged Care, if you need one.


Apply for and accept a place at your preferred IRT aged care centre. If you’ve been approved for government funding support, it’s paid to us on your behalf. We’ll send you a monthly statement to help you manage your account.

IRT Aged Care - Government Funding
An elderly man and woman enjoying a meal together in their IRT community

If I choose IRT, how quickly can I move in?

As a community-owned provider, we put people first. Once you’ve applied for and accepted a place at your preferred IRT aged care centre, we’ll help you move in as soon as possible.

We take the time to get to know you and your care needs before you move in. This means we can help you to settle in quickly and feel at home in your new community.

We help you meet your neighbours and to get to know your care team. In an IRT aged care centre the quality of your life is just as important as the quality of your care.

Collage of photos showing life at an IRT aged care centre

What is living in an IRT aged care centre like?

You’ll feel well cared for, valued and respected in an IRT aged care centre. We’ll treat you with kindness and support you to keep connected with your family and friends.

We’ll help you with your personal care in the privacy of your care suite. You’ll also enjoy:


Nutritious meals and refreshments


Entertainment, activities and social outings


Optional extras like online entertainment, fresh flowers and allied health services.

An IRT aged care centre is not a nursing home. It’s an engaging community with personalised professional care 24/7.

A younger woman holding an elderly mans arm while she carries his groceries

What happens when my care needs change?

We’ll regularly review your personalised care plan with you and your family in consultation with your GP and/or allied health professionals.

When your needs change we’ll help you and your family decide what to do. You may choose to move to a new suite that better caters for your needs. You may want additional services or need specialised dementia or palliative care.

We’ll be there to support you during each step of your care journey. Importantly, we’ll make sure you and your family have choice and control over your care services and quality of life.

Can my family and friends visit me and can I bring my pet?

Your family and friends are welcome to visit you and be part of our community. You might also like to go on social outings with them or stay in touch via a private phone and internet connection in your suite.

We work hard to involve your family and friends in our communities with special events and regular communication.

Pets can’t live in our aged care centres, but we love them to visit. If you’re leaving a much-loved pet, ask a family member or friend to take you to visit them or keep you involved with photos and videos.

A male and an elderly woman looking at a photo album together on the lounge

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