Why live in a nursing home, when you can enjoy quality care and quality of life in an IRT aged care centre

Namaste is a Hindu term for honouring the spirit within. At IRT, we honour the spirit of residents with end-stage dementia or who are nearing their end of life, with a unique sensory-based care experience.

Residents are cared for by trained staff in a purpose-designed room using therapeutic touch, aromatherapy, music and sensory experiences. Activities are tailored for each resident and generally include special mementos from their life.

Family and friends are invited to join in the Namaste experience. This provides opportunities for loving connections at a time when communication is limited. Families who’ve experienced IRT’s Namaste program say it helped them reconnect with their loved one and come to terms with their disease.

The power of loving touch

IRT’s specialised Namaste program is founded on the power of loving touch. This program is suited to residents with end-stage dementia or who are nearing their end of life. Core services include:


Sensory stimulation


Meaningful activity


Life story and family participation


Group sessions


Comfort care


Pain management and hydration

Namaste Program - Loving Touch

Sensory stimulation

IRT’s Namaste care experience incorporates stimulation of the five senses (touch, hearing, sight, smell, taste). Music, colour, therapeutic touch and massage, aromatherapy oils and food treats are all part of the multi-sensory environment created in the Namaste room.

Meaningful activity

Activities are tailored for each resident to create opportunities for loving touch and human connection. Hands and face may be gently washed with a warm flannel, patted dry with a soft towel and moisturising cream applied. Staff use opportunities like this to make eye contact with residents and speak to them with warmth and kindness.

Life story and family participation

Family and friends are invited to join in the Namaste care experience and share stories from their loved one’s past. We often create a personalised box of special mementos to incorporate into the care experience. Residents are encouraged to hold these items and may be immersed in familiar sounds and smells to promote comfort and wellbeing.

Group sessions

Namaste sessions are delivered by specially-trained staff in small groups. This helps to build community connections, while ensuring every resident experiences the benefits of personalised one-on-one care. Namaste rooms feature soft lighting and engaging design elements, and are equipped for music, aromatherapy and temperature control.

Pain management, warmth and hydration

Specially-trained staff ensure that residents are comfortable and well hydrated throughout the session. Blankets and foot socks keep residents warm and cosy in between activities, like foot massages. This helps residents to relax into the sensory-care experience.

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Frequently asked questions

Does IRT’s specialised Namaste end-stage dementia care cost more than regular dementia care?

The Namaste program is part of IRT’s Journey of Care model. It’s a unique approach to delivering residential aged care that won’t affect the cost of a resident’s accommodation and care.

Is the Namaste end-stage dementia care program available at every IRT aged care centre?

IRT is working to enable all residents living with end-stage dementia or nearing their end of life to experience the benefits of the Namaste program. The program is currently available at 50% of our aged care centres. Talk to our friendly customer service team to find out more.

Are Namaste staff specially trained in dementia care?

All IRT employees are suitably qualified, trained and vetted for their roles. This is particularly important for those working in dementia care. We also invest in regular staff education and training through our industry-leading IRT Academy and close collaboration with Dementia Training Australia.

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