General Membership

In line with our Constitution, IRT has General Members who play an important role in the structure of the organisation and governance.

The greatest benefit of becoming a General Member, is being part of an active and engaged community committed to improving the lives of older Australians.

Role of a General Member

In line with our Constitution, IRT has General Members who play an important role in the structure of the organisation and governance. This role includes governance of the Board, voting rights, election of Directors, eligibility for election as a Director, attendance at important meetings, considering and questioning the annual report and  financial statements, and invitations to special events and activities.

A General Member’s role includes:

  • holding the Board to account at general meetings
  • receiving the financial statements and the report of the Board and Company auditors
  • attending, participating and voting in relation to business at general meetings of IRT
  • electing and removing Directors.

Additionally, a General Member becomes a community custodian and ambassador for IRT. They are the voice of the community and provide feedback to the Board, and proactively advocate for the organisation. General Members are invited to attend IRT’s Annual General Meeting, receive regular newsletters and updates on major IRT announcements, and occasionally attend workshops or information sessions.

Criteria and attributes

General Members become advocates, ambassadors and advisors for IRT. The attributes required to fulfill this role include:

alignment with IRT’s vision and purpose as a not-for-profit organisation

a desire to contribute to and be actively engaged with IRT

an interest in issues affecting older Australians

an understanding of the changing environment of seniors living services and the issues facing IRT's residents and customers

being a person of good repute


sound judgement

loyalty and commitment to IRT

loyalty and commitment to IRT

It’s also important that the admission of new General Members:

  • gives consideration to professional, entrepreneurial or other skills which can positively impact on IRT
  • contributes to a diversity of skills and experience in IRT’s membership base
  • contributes to a diversity of representation in IRT’s membership base by virtue of age, culture, gender, geography or socio-economic background.

IRT General Member profile
Dr Frank Pitt

Retired school principal Dr Frank Pitt became an IRT General Member in 2019 and encourages others to join too.

“IRT is a really great organisation to be involved with,” he says. “It presents an opportunity to support people in aged care. I get more out of it than what I put in.”

Before becoming a General Member, Frank says he had limited knowledge of aged care and retirement living. “But I had heard a lot about IRT and people speak glowingly of it. A few friends have moved into IRT’s retirement villages and they talk about the sense of community and security which IRT provides.”

Frank says he was delighted with the opportunity to become a General Member and has now developed an understanding of the challenges faced by the aged care sector. He also enjoys connecting with other General Members, contributing to the organisation and learning more about IRT and aged care.

“My wife and I attended an IRT event when I first joined and we had the opportunity to meet some of the older General Members and their relatives. IRT builds a great sense of community.”


General Members are obliged to:

  • act in IRT’s best interests
  • behave in a manner that’s consistent with IRT’s objectives
  • help IRT achieve its objectives
  • maintain confidentiality.


General Members must be at least 18 years old and a new applicant needs to have the support of two current IRT General Members. The applicant must be personally known to both of his or her nominators.

Current IRT residents or customers, the general public, as well as previous IRT employees may apply to become a General Member.

All members agree to be bound by IRT’s General Member Charter.

How to apply

To become an IRT General Member, please read all information provided, including IRT’s General Member Charter, and complete the enclosed Application Form. Once the form is completed, please return it to or:

General Members
IRT Group
PO Box 2106

Applications are considered by the Board of Directors and applicants are advised if their application has been accepted. If an applicant is successful, they are registered in the Company’s register of members and will immediately become a member.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a General Member. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 134 478 or at