Help getting around

Getting to medical or allied health appointments can sometimes be stressful and difficult. Not all doctors and service providers are on the public transport route! That’s where our Home Care team can help.

We can ease the stress and by taking you to your appointments, helping you get in the door and settled in that waiting room. When it’s all over we’ll take you home again. If you need to pop in to the pharmacy on the way, then that’s no problem either.

If you’ve had a short stay in hospital we can even pick you up from there and then help you settle back in at home. 

We also know how important it is for you to stay connected with your community and friends, and getting out and about helps you maintain that connection. Our home care team can help with that too.

Whether it’s for your regular chess game, catching up with friends at the local café, or attending a special birthday celebration, we can get you there. We can also take you shopping for your groceries, or if you’re not up to doing it yourself, we’ll do it for you. Whether it’s a one-off or a regular weekly activity we’re here to help you get out and about.

Discover the IRT difference

At IRT, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We take the time to understand you and your goals to live your best life at home. We tailor our home care services to meet your needs.


A specialised customer service team you can contact at any time to make, pay for or change a booking


A dedicated team of home care staff who know how you like your cuppa (your services delivered how you want them)


A dedicated team of qualified and experienced staff who you’ll look forward to seeing

How we can help


Medical appointments


Grocery shopping and running errands


Social outings


Visiting family and friends


Coming home from hospital


Prescription collection

I love being able to help them, talk to them and hang out with them - whether it's cleaning, fixing things, taking them out, going shopping or just going for a drive. I've got one elderly gentleman I take to the airport - we watch the planes land and take off, take a walk, have a chat about things"