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Choose to live the life you want, in a community where you’ll feel at home.

Is independent living right for me?

You can live the life you want in an IRT retirement village. Make new friends and have an active social life or enjoy more peace and quiet in your new home.

Independent living gives you more choice and control over how you live your life and a low-maintenance, hassle-free home. You can choose to go travelling, knowing your belongings are safe in a secure community.

You can choose to keep busy, with weekly social activities and volunteering. You can also choose to relax… in the gardens, the library or in your home.

In an IRT retirement village, the choice is yours.

Two males and two females chatting with a dog at an IRT community
Collage of photos showing various types of villas and units

Which villas and apartments can I choose from?

You can choose from a range of 1, 2 and 3-bedroom villas or apartments in a variety of communities.

Every IRT retirement village offers something different, but most villas and apartments have outdoor entertaining, open-plan living and all the comforts of home.

If you’ve chosen a new villa or apartment off-the-plan, you can generally choose from a range of colour schemes and finishes.

What community facilities are there?

Our communities are designed with your comfort and enjoyment in mind. Every IRT retirement village is different, but facilities may include:


Community Hall/Room


BBQ/Entertaining area




Swimming pool


Wellness Centre


Emergency call system






Extensive walkways


Transport options.

Two women enjoying time by the pool in an IRT community

How much will it cost?

At IRT, we offer a range of pricing options for your ‘ingoing contribution’. That’s the lump sum you pay up front before you move into your new community.

Your ingoing contribution depends on the community, villa or apartment, and payment option you choose. As a retirement village resident, you’ll also make regular contributions to the cost of maintaining your community, similar to a strata levy.

Independent living in an IRT retirement village is an affordable choice for a great life.

Ingoing contributions and refunds explained

Retirement village residents pay an ingoing contribution before they move into their new home. This contribution gives you residence rights to your villa or apartment in accordance with your Residence Contract.

As part of the Residence Contract, you can choose to pay a departure fee when you move out or pass away. This determines how much of the ingoing contribution will be refunded to you or your estate. If you can choose to pay a smaller ingoing contribution up front, you will retain more money to support your lifestyle and care as you age.

Different providers offer different departure fees, also known as ‘deferred payments’. The 2017 PwC / Property Council Retirement Census found that 60% of providers offer a maximum deferred payment of 30% capped after 10 years of residency.

The IRT Difference, pricing options

In most IRT retirement villages, you can choose to pay for your new home in four ways. We offer more payment options than most providers because we want you to have more choice and control. Be sure to get independent legal and financial advice to choose the payment option that’s right for you.

Payment Option One
Non-refundable donation

Pay a non-refundable ingoing contribution before you move in.

Payment Option Two
Departure fees are payable with this option

Pay a partially-refundable ingoing contribution before you move in.

The refundable amount is paid to you or your estate when you leave.

Payment Option Three
Departure fees are payable with this option

Pay a partially-refundable ingoing contribution before you move in.

The refundable amount is paid to you or your estate when you leave.

Payment Option Four
Fully refundable

Pay a fully-refundable ingoing contribution before you move in.

When you leave, 100% of the contribution will be refunded to you or your estate.

These payment options are examples only and differ from village to village. Check out our calculator to learn more about payment options at your preferred location.

Regular contributions explained

Retirement village residents make regular financial contributions to help cover the cost of maintaining their community. These contributions help to pay for services like the cleaning of shared areas. Providers are not allowed to make a profit from these contributions.

The 2017 PwC / Property Council Retirement Census found that most retirement village residents pay $453 monthly. The regular contribution you’ll make as an IRT retirement village resident depends on which community you live in and the size of your apartment.

Our team will explain your regular contributions in writing before you decide to move into an IRT retirement village. We recommend you get independent advice before making any decisions.

Capital gains explained

A capital gain is the profit you make from the sale of your retirement village villa or apartment. You can generally choose whether you want all, some or none of the capital gain to be paid to you or your estate when you move out or pass away. This is negotiated as part of your Residence Agreement. Talk to our team to find out more and get independent legal advice.

Exterior of IRT Tarrawanna Gardens retirement village

Do I own the villa or apartment?​

Residence rights differ between states and territories, but most providers offer long-term residence rights via lease or licence.

This gives you the right to occupy the home for as long as you like, without having to purchase the property and pay stamp duty.

Residence Contracts differ from village to village, so talk to our team to find out more and be sure to get independent legal advice.

What happens if my needs change?

We want your IRT retirement village to be your home for life.

If your needs change, you can choose to receive additional support through IRT’s home care services. You can also take advantage of our trusted network of allied health providers, and other service providers.

Unlike most family homes, our villas and apartments feature age friendly design. This means there’s plenty of room for mobility aids, and easy-grip door knobs and taps, for when your needs change.

You’ll feel safe and supported in your community with the help of your Retirement Village Manager and network of like minded neighbours.

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