Jul 25, 2022

Classic Spanish potato omelette

This recipe is simple but tasty and can be eaten for lunch or dinner.

Makes 1 omelette (4 portions)

This recipe is a classic throughout the world and most commonly throughout Spain. It is a simple but tasty dish that can be eaten for lunch or for dinner. The ingredients used are mainly the ones traditionally grown in the family garden. The onions are cooked out to a light golden colour, releasing their own sweetness and flavour. Serve this dish alongside oven-baked bread and fresh tossed salad. This meal is a common staple in my household.”

Phil Ucles, IRT Chef



125ml olive oil


1 large brown onion, peeled and sliced


300g white potatoes, peeled and sliced


5 large eggs


Salt and pepper to taste


In a large non-stick frypan heat half amount of olive oil over medium heat. Sprinkle in sliced onion and lightly cook until tender and light in colour, remove and set aside.

Using the same pan add remaining olive oil and sliced potatoes. Cook until lightly golden in colour or until cooked throughout.

Meanwhile, beat eggs together with salt and pepper, add cooked onions and pour into frypan along with potatoes, gently stirring, allowing egg mixture to cover all ingredients.

Reduce heat and cook until eggs begin to brown on the bottom. Loosen bottom of omelette with a spatula, place a large plate over omelette, gently turn onto plate and return omelette to pan to complete cooking process, approximately five minutes.

Remove from pan and serve warm alongside crispy bread and a side of fresh tossed salad.

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