Self-manage your
Home Care Package

IRT FlexiCare gives you access to the same IRT quality care and support, while giving you the opportunity to play a greater role in self-managing your Home Care Package.

Take control of your care

With IRT FlexiCare, we partner with you to help you self-manage your Home Care Package, allowing you to take control of your support.

IRT FlexiCare empowers to you to be more involved in organising and coordinating your own care. This means you pay lower administration fees, leaving you more of your funding to spend on extra services and the things that really matter to you.

Why choose IRT FlexiCare?

Low 19.6% Management Fee

With IRT FlexiCare, you can save over 25% on management fees when compared to the average fully managed provider. 

We don’t charge a start-up fee, exit fee, or a Daily Care Fee.

More Control & Freedom

We empower you to be more involved in organising and coordinating your own home care.

Control who comes to your home, when they come, and what they do.

30 Years of Experience

We are a Government-approved Home Care Package provider with 30 years of home care experience. 

We offer home care services throughout NSW, Qld and the ACT.

How does it work?

Self-manage your package in four easy steps. 

Before you sign up to IRT FlexiCare, we take the time to ensure we understand your situation, requirements and the things that matter to you. 

One of our friendly customer relationship managers (CRMs) will work with you to create a support plan to meet your needs and optimise your funds.

Once you have been set up, you will have access to our IRT Connect app to view who is coming, request changes to your visits or services, speak directly to your CRM and so much more.

We provide ongoing monitoring of your health and wellbeing. If you ever need extra support, additional care management is available as required.

A wide range of services are available

Whether you are needing assistance around the house, getting to your weekly appointments or just want to keep socially connected, IRT FlexiCare allows you to choose the services that are important to you.

With IRT FlexiCare you can save up to 25% on management fees when compared to the average fully managed provider

To show you how much extra funding you could have available to spend on things that matter to you, we’ve put together a handy comparison on the management fees (care management + package management fees) charged per fortnight between traditional fully managed providers and IRT FlexiCare. These fees are drawn from your Home Care Package budget.

Home Care Package Average Traditional Provider IRT FlexiCare
Level 1 $90.00 $67.76
Level 2 $160.00 $119.14
Level 3 $335.00 $259.14
Level 4 $497.00 $392.98

*Comparison chart is based on the May 2021 national average of care and package management fees charged by traditional fully managed providers compared to IRT FlexiCare.

Ready to self-manage your Home Care Package with IRT FlexiCare?

Whether or not you have already been approved for a Home Care Package, or if you’re wanting to switch to self-management, our friendly team will be able to take you through the simple steps to get you started. Simply call us on 134 478 or fill out the form below and we will be touch to help you on your home care journey.

“My mother was very resistant to home care services as she was concerned she would lose her independence. She felt immediately comfortable with receiving services and loves the IRT staff who come to her.”

Elly, FlexiCare Customer

Get started with IRT FlexiCare

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