Volunteer with IRT

Become an IRT volunteer today and help bring joy, laughter and fun into an IRT neighbourhood near you.

We’ve got lots of fulfilling volunteering opportunities across our retirement villages and aged care centres in NSW, ACT and Qld.

Why volunteer with us?

IRT has a large volunteer network and volunteering is a great experience to meet new people, learn new skills and make new friends while making a difference. The IRT volunteer program enriches the lives of older Australians through meaningful connections.

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Benefits of Volunteering at IRT

Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to: 

Make a difference

Share your skills and eperince or learn new skills

Gain valuable work experience

Meet people and make new friends

Volunteer roles at IRT

We’ve got lots of fulfilling volunteer opportunities across our retirement villages and aged care centres in NSW, Qld and the ACT. Volunteers play vital roles across our organisation assisting with leisure and activities, meal support, community access, companionship, administration and so much more. We’d love to help you find a role that suits your interests and skills in:

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Community Access

Leisure and lifestyle

Spiritual support

Health and wellbeing

Cycling without age



Golden Angels


IRT volunteer Lyn Phoenix has been recognised for her service to William Beach Gardens at IRT Kanahooka

Lyn's Story

Long-time IRT volunteer Lyn Phoenix, 74, enjoys the volunteering work she does for IRT at William Beach Gardens at IRT Kanahooka.

Lyn’s daughter Nia, who works at IRT, suggested to Lyn that she could use some of her skills in a volunteering role at IRT.

“I’ve been an IRT volunteer for 13 years,” Lyn explains. “I cared for my Mum for 32 years before she passed away.” Lyn enjoys doing craft and painting nails, so every Friday she was at William Beach Gardens doing just that.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the work of IRT’s volunteers – with restrictions meaning volunteers cannot do their regular volunteer work at times. However, Lyn has been calling some of the residents to say ‘hello’ and is looking forward to when she can resume her Fridays of craft and nail painting.

“I love it – I think because I cared for my Mum – and I enjoy the companionship,” she says. “The residents give to you what you give to them.”

Our application process

Express your interest

If you are interested in volunteering with IRT, you can view and apply for specific roles listed here.

Suitability interview

If we think you may be right for the role, you’ll be interviewed to determine your suitability.

Reference checks

If you’re successful, you’ll then be required to undergo reference checks, and other pre-employment checks. All pre-employment checks are at no cost to you.

Onboarding and training

You have been offered the position, congratulations! Our onboarding program helps you learn specific role requirements and acquire essential organisational knowledge.

Contact your regional volunteer manager


Kat Gilham

Mobile: 0419 965 202

Email: kgilham@irt.org.au


Rosie Newcombe

Mobile: 0472 621 556

Email: rnewcombe@irt.org.au


Fiona Coffey

Mobile: 0436 819 357

Email: fcoffey@irt.org.au


Kylea Cutter

Mobile: 0448 218 005

Email: kcutter@irt.org.au


Bec Buchanan

Mobile: 0437 880 930

Email: rbuchanan@irt.org.au


Customer Service

Phone: 134 478

Email: irtvolunteering@irt.org.au

Everything you need to know about volunteering at IRT

There is no minimum age to volunteer at IRT. However, guardian supervision is required for anyone under 16 years of age.

There are no set qualifications to volunteer with IRT. We are simply looking for dedicated, passionate individuals who share our values and want to help older Australians achieve their optimum quality of life.

Did you know that over 50% of Australians living in residential aged care centres suffer from some form of depression? Volunteers help to reduce the effects of depression, often felt by residents through:

  • developing meaningful connections
  • contributing to a vibrant, inclusive IRT community
  • connecting residents to the wider, external community

At IRT, volunteers undertake a range of roles from assisting with meal preparations and service, to companionship, to driving the bus as well as supporting staff with administrative tasks.

Our volunteer roles do not take the place of paid positions, they simply strengthen our ability to personalise our service offering by allowing us to cater to individual tastes and preferences.

We encourage volunteers to commit at least an hour a fortnight to their volunteer work, as regular and frequent visits will help strengthen your connection with our residents/customers.

Great! We are constantly looking for ways to improve and grow our volunteer program, so if you have an idea on how you’d like to help that we haven’t thought of yet, then please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you!

All successful applicants will need to undergo a criminal history check. This is a Federal Police Check processed by IRT’s provider ‘National Crime Check’ (NCC) upon successful employment or volunteer engagement.

You must also undergo a NDIS Working Screening Check (if applicable) prior to be accepted into the volunteer program.

The Commonwealth Government requires all approved Aged Care providers to ensure their employees and volunteers undergo a National Police Check History Check at commencement of engagement and then every three years thereafter. 

All volunteers are provided training in order to safely carry out their volunteer work. Volunteers are matched with a Direct Supervisor on site, who will support them in their day-to-day volunteering.

Your Regional Volunteer Coordinator will help you navigate the on-boarding process, provide you with quarterly opportunities to engage with other volunteers as well as provide feedback about your volunteering and is available to answer any questions you have during the course of your volunteer journey.

We understand that your circumstances change and we appreciate any time you are able to give as a volunteer.